Database Development & Hosting

Stingrae Database Services commenced trading in 1999. Since that time we've worked with all sorts of businesses, from sole traders to multi-national and multi-million-dollar companies. We'd now like to help you and your business!

For businessess currently WITHOUT a custom-built CRMS:

Is your business is relying on spreadhseets, or even worse ... paper? Then we would be more than happy to talk to you about designing your own custom based system. It's really not as difficult or expensive as it sounds. In fact we often build web based, or Windows PC Application databases for businesses for less than $2,000.00! We've been doing this a long time, so for us to come in, asses your business requirements, give you a quote and then develop the solution is what we do!

If your business is in this category, then call us now!

Businesses that currently HAVE a custom-built CRMS:

There are databases, and then there are professional databases. We do the latter.

Many people think that building a database is easy. It's just a series of fields and tables, right? Wrong. You need to get the foundation right otherwise it can get slow, and large. Depending on your situation, you might like us to tinker with it, or add new features. Sometime we can simply upgrade the backend from something like Excel or Access to SQL Server. And other times we have to re-write it.

If your business already runs on a SQL Server backend, then let us come and do our 13-point SQL Server Integrity check. Otherwise then contact us to see how we can help!

Database Hosting:

Hosting a database is more than just copy a file to a network drive (as it was with Microsoft Access). A professional database host needs to:

  • Perform regular backups (and test restores).
  • Monitor it to make sure it is available 99.99% of the time.
  • Ensure the security is looked after, to protect your business.
  • Do geeky-things such as Index Maintenance, to keep your system running fast.

Our SQL hosting service, with all the above included, is generally around $55 for a standard small to medium business (200 employees or less).

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Mobile App Development:

In the past few years we have been branching out into App development and today are one of the leading App developers in the Sutherland Shire.

Our apps are built with Basic for Android and Basic for iOS, meaning the source code not only compiles to native code, but makes it easy for you to make minor changes yourself after we develope the initial product.

We are actually a licenced affiliate of Basic for Android and Basic for iOS. If you're a developer who is keen to get into App Development, then you can check out the development environment here . And if you need help, we're happy to train you in getting started. It's a really simple platform to develop in!